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    • salvation is not a matter of remembering the dark past of our lives. We must leave it to God and let Him take care of it. I know how devastating are the consequences of such horrible experience but it should not be used as an excuse to sin. Sin separates us from salvation so if we want to be saved, do not let sin to work in ourselves. I’m not saying that being what you are is sin, but I tell you, COMMITTING whatever kind of fornication is sin.

  1. Pastor
    Please pray with me as I beseech and plead to God to deliver and heal me from various illnesses including amongst others the following: arthritis/gout, hernia/gastritis, sore bladder and I am requesting divine favour from the Lord.

  2. Hi, I am really curious about Renato Carillo. Please, can you give me proofs that He is indeed a false prophet? Thanks much! God bless.

  3. I thought Mr. Carillo sells what he called as Prayer Cloth. Prayer Cloth? Is that Biblical? Of course not. What does this cloth mean aside from being this man’s merchandise – a source of additional income aside from the collection he gather from his members. He also claim miraculous healing power but is it true? I remember a program from GMA 7 which investigates his claim. They showed that some of his members denied his claim to heal. Some of them remain disable and sick. Sadly to say that this so-called man of god was nothing but a fraud.

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