The Secret of Felix Manalo’s Authority


According to the publication of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ)  in the Philippines,

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After being graduated from the Church’s ministerial college (at the New Era University), a minister must receive the laying of hands by the Church Executive Minister as a sign that he was given the authority to lead the congregation in public worship. A common Church member calls it “ordination”. So, if you happen to be a member of the Church choir and you are among those selected to sing during the ordination of the ministers in the Church Central Temple, then you will have a “privilege” to see the Executive Minister officiating the laying of hands. (I say “privilege” because seeing the Executive Minister of the Church is a very rare moment to the life of an ordinary member).

Before his death on August 31, 2009, Mr. Erano Manalo (the then Executive Minister) officiates the Church’s practice of ordination. Eraño was the fifth child of Felix Manalo and Honorata de Guzman. His name came from a reversal and elision of the term “New Era,” which his father used to describe what he felt was “a new Christian era” as the Iglesia ni Cristo was established. On the 10th of May 1947, Erano received the ordination of his father, making him as the new overall minister of his Church. And following Eraño’s passing, his son Eduardo then assumed the role of INC’s Executive Minister by the virtue of the same practice. But the question is, from whom did Felix Manalo, the fist Executive Minister, received his ordination? Actually, the issue about the ordination of the so-called Messenger (that was Felix Manalo), is an unheard thing within the Church. No one knows, except maybe those historians of their Church, the true story of Manalo’s ordination. And this will be the question we will try to answer.

The practice of ordination by laying of hands is a very sacred ceremony of the Church, and it was the reason why the Executive Minister is the only one who perform this duty. According to their publication;

Issue of Pasugo, dated March 1939, page 17

The highlighted part says, ” …only those elected by God by means of prophecy or direct calling can lay hands.” This is the belief of Felix Manalo, published in their official magazine. So if anyone laid hands on Felix Manalo, he must have been elected by God by means of prophecy or direct calling, according to Pasugo. Now, the question is – who performed the laying of hands to Felix Manalo, those ones, which according to the Church publication, are chosen by God to lay hands as Moses did to Joshua. This was the answer…

(unedited copy of “paanyaya”)

This document is an invitation to an event held by the Iglesia ni Kristo which includes the programme. An excerpt of the introductory part on the left page translates in English as: “Gentlemen: We cordially invite your majesty to the celebration concerning the THANKSGIVING due to the FIFTH YEAR LIFE of “IGLESIA NI KRISTO in the Philippines and the LAYING OF HANDS on brother Felix Manalo in the duty of Pastor and Administrator of the Church.” What was to take place in the event? “…the LAYING OF HANDS on brother Felix Manalo in the duty of Pastor and Administrator of the Church.” So someone laid hands on Felix Manalo. It was a secret fact that someone laid hand on the Church’s “Messenger”. Who are they? At the right part of the invitation, it says,

The statement above translated as;

Here’s the translation:

“7. The laying of hands on brother Felix Manalo will be officiated by Bishops and Pastors of different Churches established in the Archipelago, of whom are the Reverend Alejandro Reyes, Victoriano Mariano, Gil Domingo, Guillermo Zarco, Nicolas Fajardo, Emiliano Quijano and Roque Bautista.”

You know what readers? The reason behind the secrecy of Felix Manalo’s ordination is that those people who laid their hands to him to make him as the Executive Minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo are those leaders of different religions in the Philippines. But this was not the  gravest part of this secret. Because although Felix Manalo received his ordination from the hands of those ministers and bishop of the other religions in the archipelago, the Church had a certain belief regarding those religious groups outside of their denomination, particularly the Catholic Church and the Protestant denominations. According to the issue of Pasugo (INC’s official publication), dated August 1961, p. 39;

The underlined statement at the very right part states;

“At the end of this publication, we now ought to reject the catholic priests and the protestant pastors, for they are ministers of satan. We also ought to reject the Catholic Church and the different protestant churches, for they are not of God, but of satan or the devil. Rejecting them and their erroneous doctrines is your obedience to God, to Christ and to the Apostles.”

See friends? The mystery behind the secrecy of Felix Manalo’s ordination was that those who performed his ordination and gave him the office of being the Head and the Leader of the Iglesia Ni Cristo in the Philippines are, according to their official statement, ministers of devil… of Satan. It was a very famous belief within the common INC members that salvation is only given to them, that except of being a member of their organization, man will never ever attain the favor of God nor he have the right to worship God. That was the reason why they regarded those outsiders as of devil. But they were untold that the one whom they attributed the highest honor of their Church is a devil’s ordained minister himself.