The Water Against Cancer

By Shang Wang


Shang Wang (engineer, scientist, and inventor)

MBC, a South Korean TV network, launched several scientific investigations on the effects of alkaline water on chicks and mice. Their research is shown on the Internet Website “youtube,” and search for “Alkalark”. The narration is in Korean with English subtitles. Below is a summary of the video.

The MBC investigation team prepared an unusual experiment using 40,000 chicks. The team separated the chicks in two groups, 20,000 each and put them in two separate farm buildings, A and B.

These chicks were raised for one month and given the same amount of feed, but the drinking water supplied was different. The group in building A was supplied with normal ground water, the group in building B was supplied with alkaline water made by minerals added to the water, including magnesium. Alkaline water is known to have reducing power to get rid of excess acidic wastes created by human metabolism.

Though a cold wave of bird flu hit the country, the chicks here seemed to all be healthy and full of energy.

The team wanted to know what the difference between the two groups was as the result of drinking ordinary water and alkaline water.

First, they inspected the survival rate:

Building A (ground water): 18,900 survived in 30 days: (94.5% survival rate.)
Building B (alkaline water): 19,860 survived in 30 days: (99.3% survival rate.)

The mortality rate of chickens drinking alkaline water is about 1/8 of the ones drinking ordinary ground water.

Next, the team randomly selected 100 chickens from each group and measured the average weight.

Alkaline water group: 1720g, ground water group: 1590g.

For the next experiment, the MBC team used OlletTF mice which develop diabetes due to genetic obesity. 16 mice were divided into two groups; again, one with general water and the other with alkaline water, but with the same feed. At the beginning, the mean blood-sugar levels of these mice were 69 and 53.

For the next two months the team collected blood samples; levels of blood sugar, neutral fat, and cholesterol were checked regularly. As these mice raise blood-sugar genetically, the key point of this experiment is how much alkaline water influences the increase of blood sugar level.

It was confirmed that alkaline water has the effect of restraining about 34% of blood-sugar level compared with general water.

General water group:

Initial blood-sugar level               69 mg/dL

Two months later                        203 mg/dL

Alkaline water group:

Initial blood-sugar level               53 mg/dL

Two months later                        153 mg/dL

Below is the change of neutral fat value. In this, alkaline water also has the effect of restraining about 30% of neutral fat value compared with general water.

General water group:

Initial neutral fat value                77 mg/dL

Two months later                        356 mg/dL

Alkaline water group:

Initial neutral fat value                70 mg/dL

Two months later                        285 mg/dL

What is the value change of cholesterol combined with unhealthy cholesterol, that is LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein)?

General water group:

Initial cholesterol value                17 mg/dL
Two months later                        56 mg/dL

Alkaline water group:

Initial cholesterol value                15 mg/dL

Two months later                        24 mg/dL

This experiment proves that alkaline water has an effect not only on restraining blood-sugar value, but also on various kinds of adult disease such as hardening of the arteries, etc.

The experiment of alkaline water’s anti-cancer effect

After injecting melanoma as a malignant skin cancer cell strain into the abdominal cavity of the experimental mice, the team observed the tumor size and the speed of spread. There were two groups of mice; one was made to drink alkaline water and the other the general water. The same feed was distributed.

After 15 days:

Compared with the tumor size of 10.78mm on the mice drinking alkaline water, the tumor on the mice drinking general water, were doubled in size to 20.11mm.

The team cut the tumors and measured the weight:

It was 2.3 g for the mice drinking alkaline water, and 4.8 g for the mice drinking general water.

The team injected skin cancer cells into the tails and observed cancer spreading to the lungs, and they noticed a big difference in the number of colonies between the 2 groups. What appears as black dots on the white lungs are cancer cell colonies. The number of cancer cell colonies in the mice drinking general water was 260, while that of the mice drinking alkaline water was 145. This shows that alkaline water has an anti-cancer effect of restraining tumor spread.

These experiments, published by the MBC network, Korea, are very informative. It clearly indicates that alkaline water helps restore and maintain good health in animals. It is unfortunate that the examining team did not publish the pH values of the general water and alkaline water used. If the pH of the alkaline water was much higher, the end results could have been much more significant.


Sang Whang is a Korean American community leader and politician in Florida. He has self-published a book entitled Aging and Reverse Aging, about the alleged health benefits of high-alkaline water and other alternative health practices.


Sunshine Prevents Cancer

Cancer patients need LIGHT!


According to a scientific article in “Health & Diet Times” (June/July 1982 issue) written by Lee de Vries, MD, cancer cells self-destruct within minutes after exposure to strong intense light. What happens is that the cancerous PLANT cell changes its formaldehyde into a plant sugar molecule giving off oxygen-ozone in the process and it is this element combination of O2 and O3 which causes the disintegration of the cancer cell. If you can’t get enough sunshine, make absolutely sure that you obtain enough of the essential fatty acids (LA and LNA) …so that your organism can produce the important prostaglandins, the precursors of hormones.
… Get as much exposure to sunlight and fresh air as you possibly can and watch your tumors and cancers shrink away.*
Dr. Jürgen Buche

Healing with light and color in my eyes will be among the great healing modalities of the future, as they have been in the past – since we ARE “children of the light”. Read here about the enormous healing power of sunlight (yes!), the strong influence of different light sources on cancer incidence and healing, “man as an antenna for sunlight” as well as about Photodynamic Therapy and healing cancer with UV light (Photoluminescence Therapy). As you will see from the articles featured here, many erudite authors have arrived at a similar conclusion: the sun, used wisely and with discrimination, is one of our greatest healing boons, including the prevention and healing of cancer, and our gradual alienation from the sun, particularly over the course of the previous centuries, is one central contributing factor in the epidemic of cancer and other diseases which we are currently witnessing. It may also hold one of the major keys to stem the dismal tide and to allow health – rather than disease – to become the norm again.

A personal advice would be to get as much sunlight (without wearing glasses or sunscreen) as you can and as feels comfortable (i.e. without burning your skin) while avoiding certain artifical light sources such as fluorescent lighting. If you are “new” to sunbathing, I’d start with small doses and only gradually build up the exposure to the extent that feels good and doesn’t irritate your skin. In this context, make sure to learn about Dr. Johanna Budwig’s natural cure protocol in which sunlight exposure is one of the essential healing factors*. Two extracts from her book Flax Oil as a True Aid highlight the vital importance she assigned to sunlight as a crucial healing and health maintenance factor and why the “electrons in our food [from essential Omega3 fatty acids] serve as the resonance system for the sun’s energy”. In this love for the sun, of course, she is far from alone as other naturopaths, including famous natural hygiene proponent Dr. Herbert Shelton, also hold the sun in high esteem and assign it an important (even central) role in health maintenance and recovery from illness.

*Additional note by Healing Cancer Naturally: There are a number of testimonials by persons reporting dramatically improved tolerance for sunshine as they adopt the Budwig diet. As mentioned, if you have avoided the sun for years, increase exposure gradually – preferably after starting on the Budwig or other healthy diet rich in easily available omega3 fatty acids – making sure you don’t get burned and feel comfortable.

Sunlight and cancer incidence – can sunlight prevent cancer?
excerpted from BBC News

A small amount of sunshine can help reduce the risk of breast, colon and prostate cancers, according to US scientists.
Sunlight is a key source of vitamin D, and scientists told the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting in Boston the vitamin plays a crucial role in regulating the production of cells, a mechanism which is absent in cancer…

Dr William Grant, an independent researcher from Virginia, has examined the difference in cancer rates dependent on where people live.
Dr Grant’s US work, using data from the Atlas of Cancer Mortality, found death rates for breast, colon and ovarian cancers in Boston and New England were almost twice as high as they were in the southwest from 1950 to 1994.
He found the same link, with varying increased risk, for 13 cancers including bladder, kidney, stomach and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
He estimates there have been 23,000 deaths from cancer per year – taking the difference in UV radiation between northern and southern states – which could have been prevented if people had had enough vitamin D [created by exposure of skin to sunlight’s UV-B fraction]. He suggests this year, the figure could be 30,000.
Based on his US findings, he estimates a quarter of breast cancer deaths in the UK are a result of vitamin D deficiency.
He told BBC News Online: “I believe my research should be considered a clarion call for more investigation by the health establishment on the benefits of solar radiation and UV B.”

The Nightmare of Emer Rojas

Smoking is a major risk factor for throat cancer. Smoking accounts for 75 to 80% of cases of throat cancer. Smokers are 2 to 5 times more likely to develop throat cancers in comparison to the general population. 

There are several types of throat cancer, including nasopharyngeal, laryngeal (cancer of the voice box), oropharyngeal, hypopharyngeal and glottic cancer (cancer of the vocal cords).

The carcinogens in cigarette smoke may damage the genetic material (DNA) of cells in tissues in the throat. The heat carried by the smoke into the throat is also a contributing factor to throat cancer.

Under normal conditions, the damaged cells are often repaired. However, in some cases, the damage can not be repaired and leads to gene mutation. Some mutations are particularly dangerous if they involve genes that control cell growth and cell division. A cell may lose its ability to control growth and undergo cell division excessively. This eventually leads to a tumor.

In addition to throat cancer, smoking also increases the risk of lung, kidney, stomach, bladder and pancreatic cancer.