CIA; The Militia of the Church?

“Dr. Stephen Mumford of New Jersey, a secular humanist, documented how the CIA was founded by an Irish Roman Catholic, Bill Donovan (who was a member of the Knights of Malta.  Donovan was chief of the Knights of Malta in North America for some years.  The Knights of Malta are a military order that date back to and were composed of Crusaders.  Mr. Donovan was awarded a medal for his services to the Vatican–and that while he was overseeing theformation of the CIA.).  Mumford also records how the CIA has several times meddled in covert operations, explicitly for the benefit of the Vatican’s agenda.


Avro Manhattan

Avro Manhattan documents how that the CIA worked very closely in tandem with the Vatican, in his monumental book “The Vatican Moscow Washington Alliance.”  It was the CIA, for example, that secretly aided the Hungarian Freedom Fighters in 1956, at Pope Pius XII’s behest–even though the majority of Hungarians did not favor the Freedom Fighters’ cause.  Why? Because the Freedom Fighters–a front group for the CIA and the Vatican–were putting Cardinal Mindzenty as the head of the country.  That, of course, would have made Hungary a Roman Catholic country.

But Hungary is not a Roman Catholic country!  It is Reformed.  Before Austria took them over, the State Church of Hungary was the Hungarian Reformed Church.  I personally know this, because I lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where the leader of the Hungarian Reformed Church at that time had emigrated.  He explained how that the whole Hungarian Freedom Fighters movement was a trick of the Vatican to force Hungary to become a Roman Catholic country.  It was the CIA that organized the entire rebellion.

It seems that Pius XII, in his old age, was under the influence of powerful psychotropic drugs, adminstered to him in the Vatican for his chronic depression.  (according to Avro Manhattan, in the “Vatican Moscow Washington Alliance”).  Under the influence of these drugs, he had visions of Christ and the saints.  During this time of “visions,” he came to believe that Mary was about to fulfill the Third Vision of Fatima, in which she would give to him [the Pope] Russia.  For this reason, Pius XII was solicitous to escalate the Cold War between Washington and Moscow into an outright hot war, in which Communism would be defeated, and in which the Vatican could then move in, under CIA auspices, to take over the religious machinery of the country.  Pius was hoping the whole Hungarian affair would spark an outright war between the US and Russia, and would result in the downfall of Stalin’s government, thus destroying the power of the Russian Orthodox Church, and opening the door for the Vatican to move in.

It was for this reason, says Avro Manhattan, that Stalin then began employing his KGB agents in an active recruitment movement for a Socialist/Marxist Pope to replace Pius upon his death.  The KGB settled on Roncalli, who subsequently was elected in 1957, and became John XXIII. (Much bribe money was paid to Third World cardinals to effect this election.  The Vatican conclaves bring the term “simony” to new and dizzying heights.)

In 1960, the CIA, again under the auspices of the Vatican, and particularly under the rabid support of Cardinal Spellman, supported the Roman Catholic takeover of South Vietnam by the Roman Catholic tyrant Diem.  South Vietnam at the time was a Buddhist country.  Of course, later, under Paul VI, a Socialist Pope, and Pedro Arrupe, the Marxist Black Pope appointed by Paul, the Vatican reversed its strategy.

By the way General Westmoreland, head of the US Armed Forces in Vietnam, is Roman Catholic, and a member of the Knights of Malta.

It is not without reason below that Dr Mumford says: “The CIA serves as an agency through which secret “assistance” to the Holy Mother [Roman Catholic] Church can be provided by secret American society members acting as her defenders…”

These “secret American society members” are primarily the Knights of Malta and Opus Dei.  The current director of the CIA, Gilbert Tenet, is Roman Catholic, and a member of the Knights of Malta.  So is William F. Buckley, a famous former CIA agent, and proponent of supposedly “conservative” causes. So was Allen Foster Dulles, the first major chief of the CIA, and later, a member of the Council of Foreign Relations in New York City.  (His nephew is currently a Jesuit professor of theology at the Jesuit Fordham University in New York City.)

In fact, almost all the heads and major ranking officers of the CIA have either been Knights of Malta or FreeMasons (as was George Bush Sr–here’s that FreeMason/Roman Catholic alliance again).

Also: the head of the FBI who ordered the siege of Waco is Roman Catholic, and a member of the Knights of Malta.  That is Louis Freeh.  Freeh is also a member of Opus Dei.

Lon Horiuchi, the sniper who shot members of the militant Randy Weaver’s family under very questionable circumstances–and who was also reputed to have shot people in the Waco compound–is a Japanese Roman Catholic.

J. Gordon Liddy, who led the raid into the Watergate Hotel in 1972–breaking into the Democratic Party’s headquarters for Richard Nixon–he was a CIA agent, Roman Catholic, and also a member of the Knights of Malta.  By the way, the Vatican owns the Watergate Hotel, according to David Yallop, author of “In God’s Name” (the book on the murder of John Paul I).”

Source:  PURITAN NEWS 12/26/02