Behind the General’s Death (2nd Part)

The unnamed powerful man behind Maj.Gen. Carlos Garcia

By Ellen Tordesillas

From left: Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, Late General Angelo Reyes, Commodore Rex Robles, Maj. Gen. Carlos Garcia, Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

The mysterious powerful man behind Maj. Gen. Carlos Garcia is once again mentioned in the news following the outburst of retired Commodore Rex Robles after the suicide of former Armed Forces Chief Angelo Reyes.

Robles, who belongs to Philippine Military Class ’65 said his closeness to Reyes goes back to PMA days because he was the yearling, the academy lingo for mentor, of Reyes who was in Class ’66.

Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV yesterday said investigations into alleged diversion and conversion of the military budget might lead to Malacañang during the administration of former president and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Arroyo.

“Masyadong malaki yung perang involved na imposibleng nasa level lang ni late General (Angelo) Reyes…sa Malacañang lang nagre-release ng ganung level,” Trillanes said.”

Source: Malaya

The following version of that controversy which has now involved Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV , PMA Class ’95, is the result of my interviews with Robles, Trillanes and talk with other sources even before the Ombudsman entered into a plea bargain agreement with Garcia, the subject of the congressional investigation which has led to more revelations of corruption in the military.

Last Jan. 12, Trillanes, a few weeks after his release from a 7-and- a- half- year detention was quoted in media to have said, “”I believe General Garcia is only a front for somebody powerful. At some point in late 2009, he was actually willing to talk and reveal the story behind his enormous wealth. But I don’t know, maybe he got afraid.”

Trillanes refused to identify the person he believed is protecting Garcia but he said he has told Malacañang about it.

Trillanes and Garcia were both detained at the Camp Crame Custodial Center. Garcia, who was accused of a non-bailable crime of plunder, was released on bail last Dec. 16 on the strength of the plea bargain agreement which the Ombudsman said has not yet been approved by the Sandiganbayan.

On Jan. 14, Reyes wrote Trillanes asking him to reveal who that “powerful person” behind Garcia. He said,”And knowing you to be a forthright and just person, I am confident that when you do name this powerful person, you would be able to substantiate the allegation.”

The letter was hand carried to Trillanes by a his PMA classmate on Jan. 18. This letter was a subject of Gloria Arroyo’s call to Reyes a few days before he killed himself.

Robles said that Trillanes told his mistah,””Mistah,hindi si Reyes.” That’s why Robles said he could not understand why Trillanes said it was Reyes in a media interview last Feb. 1, the day after Reyes published the letter through a paid advertisement in major newspapers.

Trillanes said Reyes was one of the “principals” behind Garcia based on the revelations of former military budget officer George Rabusa.

Take note that the delivery of the letter to Trillanes happened before Rabusa’s Senate appearance on Jan. 27. It was in that hearing that Rabusa revealed that he personally delivered to Reyes, together with then military comptroller Jacinto Ligot, P50 million send- off gift when AFP chief retired sometime in March 2001. Rabusa also said that Reyes was receiving P10 million monthly for his personal allowances when he was AFP chief.

Trillanes admitted that at the time he met his mistah, the “powerful man” he was referring to was not Reyes.

But Trillanes revealed that his mistah delivered a message from Reyes which indicated that he also knew who that powerful man that the senator was referring and he wanted him (Trillanes) to disclose it in public so he (Reyes) would be cleared.

Trillanes said his mistah told him that Reyes admitted “May dumadaan sa akin. Pero wala akong kinukuha. Wala ako diyan. (Some pass through me. But I don’t benefit from it. I didn’t get anything.”

Trillanes’ said his mistah relayed to him Reyes request “to absolve him.”

Trillanes said, “I couldn’t do that.” Instead he told his mistah that since the former AFP chief and also former defense secretary himself said the deal just passed through his desk and he knew there was a higher destination, “Ituro na niya.” Identify the ultimate beneficiary.

The mistah said it’s unlikely that Reyes would do that.

Presumably, Trillanes’ information who the powerful person behind Garcia came from the former military comptroller himself. The problem is, during that Jan. 27 hearing, Trillanes asked Garcia if he was willing to cooperate with the government in eradicating corruption in the military. Garcia firmly declared, “I am not applying to be a state witness.”

Trillanes said he was puzzled why Reyes even came out with a full page ad with his letter even after the Rabusa expose. He said he named Reyes based on the Rabusa testimony. He said that’s why he asked for procurement papers of military equipment because purchases for the armed forces pass through the office of the defense secretary.

Robles said in his last conversation with Reyes, which was the day before he killed himself, the latter confided to him that Arroyo called him up about his letter to Trillanes. Robles said Reyes sounded concerned about Arroyo’s probe about the letter telling him about it in conspiratorial way. “Pare, tinawagan ako ni GMA,” Reyes told him half-whisper over the phone.

Robles said one of the things that Arroyo wanted to know was the identity of Trillanes’ mistah who delivered the letter.

Does this mean now that Arroyo will grill that young officer? Was Arroyo worried that it was her former aide, nor LCDR Christopher Magdangal, who delivered the letter? Was she worried that Magdangal would talk? No, it was not Magdangal.

There is also there is also the question why Reyes was challenging Trillanes to name the “powerful person” behind Garcia, who apparently he also knew. He knew that coming up with proofs to pin down this powerful person would be difficult. Was he laying a trap for Trillanes?

With Reyes gone, that powerful person may think that as long as Garcia adheres to his code of omerta, he is safe. But we got information that Garcia has written a letter, copies of which were given to three persons he trusts, with the instruction that it be made public in case something unnatural happens to him.

Uneasy must be the head that sleeps on stolen comforts.

Behind the General’s Death (1st Part)

Retired Gen. Angelo Reyes

MANILA, Philippines – Former Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes was made a scapegoat of a powerful group that is out to hide the real protector of former military comptroller Carlos Garcia, retired Navy Commodore Rex Robles said on Tuesday.

Robles said Reyes was linked to the Garcia plea bargain deal to divert the focus of the Senate investigation on military corruption instead of identifying the people who benefited from Garcia during his time  as military comptroller.

He said Garcia “helped congressmen, senators and crooked businessmen to launder their money abroad.”

In a separate interview, Robles said Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV and Parañaque Rep. Roilo Golez actually know the identity of Garcia’s mysterious benefactor. He challenged the 2 lawmakers to identify Garcia’s protector following Reyes’s death on Tuesday.

“The people who are really protecting Garcia, who Golez and Trillanes know but they have lied blatantly to the public, are the ones also behind this. The sooner that Golez and Trillanes reveal the names that they know about, the true names, instead of the lies they are peddling, the better,” he told ANC’s Dateline Philippines.

Garcia is facing separate congressional probes after a plea bargain deal with the Office of the Ombudsman allowed him to plead guilty to bailable charges and return P135 million in assets to the government. The former military comptroller is accused of salting away P303 million in kickbacks during his time in the military.

Congressman Golez earlier accused Reyes of protecting Garcia, a charge that Reyes vehemently denied. Trillanes later backed up Golez’s claim.

(Robles identifies Parañaque Rep. Roilo Golez. Robles says that Golez has been protecting Garcia as early as 2004 when as the head of the House defense committee then looking into corruption charges against Garcia, Golez disregarded further leads on Garcia’s questionable activities.

He said that in 2004, Golez intentionally ignored him and his information that Garcia was a citizen of the United States facing four money laundering and racketeering charges before the US Attorney General’s Office. It is a rule in most military establishments that military men must be citizens of the country in whose army they serve.

Robles was invited to the Golez committee hearings seven years ago. Why did the House committee under Golez refuse to dig deeper into Garcia’s activities?

At the very least, Golez and the members of his committee in 2004 should be investigated too for possible involvement in covering up the manipulation of AFP funds. Robles also wonders why Golez seems to be more concentrated on Reyes, rather than on Garcia and his plea bargain.

Why, in his statement last January 15, was Golez the first to assert that Reyes was the “powerful man” behind Garcia, weeks before retired Lt. Col. George Rabusa testified at the Senate and before Senator Antonio Trillanes IV joined the fray by echoing Golez’s claim.

What Golez and Trillanes are saying, that Reyes is the “powerful man” behind Garcia doesn’t ring true. Reyes neither appointed Garcia as AFP comptroller nor did Garcia serve as comptroller under Reyes as AFP chief.Malaya/Feb.11,2011)

Robles said that before Trillanes linked Reyes to the Garcia plea deal, the

Top: Commodore Rex Robles, Mid: Rep. Roilo Golez, Below: Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV

former defense chief sent a letter to the senator asking him to reveal the name of the person who was protecting Garcia. (Read the letter),

Robles said the letter was handcarried by a mistah of Trillanes in the Philippine Military Academy who asked the senator to identify Garcia’s protector. Robles said that under PMA tradition, a mistah cannot lie to a fellow mistah.

He said Trillanes told his fellow PMAer: “‘Mistah, hindi si Reyes ito.”

Reyes died of a gunshot wound after visiting his mother’s grave in Marikina City Tuesday morning. Police said the death was a suicide.

Before his death, the former defense chief was accused of pocketing P50 million in “pabaon” (send-off money) before his retirement as Armed Forces chief in 2001. His wife also allegedly received “shopping money” of up to $10,000 from the Office of the Military Comptroller during her various trips abroad.

Arroyo called Reyes before death

Robles, meanwhile, revealed that former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo called up Reyes inquiring about the handcarried letter he sent to Trillanes.

“He told me that he just received a phone call from [former President] Arroyo asking him about this Trillanes thing.  The former president wanted to know certain things. I will talk about it at the right time. I don’t think I should,” he said.

Robles said Reyes sounded worried after Arroyo’s phone call.

“I will expect GMA to call him up and assure him of assistance of help or moral whatever. Yung impression ko, he was cross-examined by GMA,” he said.

He said the former president even asked Reyes why he (Robles) was attacking Golez. “You can draw your own conclusions,” he said.

Arroyo’s spokeswoman, Elena Bautista-Horn, meanwhile, said she was surprised by the news that Arroyo allegedly talked to Reyes before his death.

She said there was no meeting between Arroyo and Reyes in the past few days, or any conversation between the 2 over the phone.

“Pakikiramay at katahimikan ang kailangan nila sa panahong ito, hindi intriga. Ipagdasal natin si Secretary Reyes at ang mag-anak niya,” she said in a text message.

Robles said Reyes expressed the sentiment that he was being abandoned by his former allies.

“For a long time, as chief of intelligence, marami siyang hawak. Marami siyang assets who tell him what is happening also,” he said.

Asked who could be behind the smear campaign against Reyes, Robles said: “I will not speculate but I think it’s obvious. It does not matter if the group is in government or not. Sa lakas lang…do you have to be in government to be strong?”

Garcia probe was derailed

Robles said the congressional inquiries on the Garcia plea bargain was effectively derailed when issues about military corruption started cropping up.

He said that while Reyes’s case was simple graft, Garcia’s case struck at the root of good governance.

“It’s very different in quality. But the people in Congress, some of them quite deliberately, try to derail this by pointing to Reyes as a staking horse, as a whipping boy,” he said.

He also questioned why the government, through the Sandiganbayan, protected Garcia by setting him free. “Why did the former government or leadership to the highest levels (get) involved in this? Why is the justice system perverted?” he asked.

Robles said he told Reyes to just invoke his right to free speech in the congressional probes since he was considered a guest there.

“You are not a witness neither are you accused. You are just a guest. And that is just a board of inquiry. They can intimidate you to the heavens but in the end, they have to let you go,” he said.

He said he was also angry at some of the comments made by some of the lawmakers in the inquiry.

“Sabi kasi ng mga kalaban niya: ‘Hindi ka na secretary ngayon. You are just an ordinary citizen.’ Nagalit ako dun. Sabi ko ‘Ah, ibig sabihin kapag ordinary citizen ka, wala kang kalaban laban?’ Hindi ba insulto yan sa rest of the Filipino people? Na hindi ka na Cabinet member, ordinary citizen ka na, kayang-kaya ka na ng powers-that-be?” he said.

Despondent before death Robles said he was with Reyes for several nights last week to talk about the Senate Blue Ribbon committee hearing.

He said Reyes was despondent after news about the latter’s alleged involvement in military corruption cropped up in the Senate and House of Representatives inquiries.

“Hindi sila titigil, pare. Marami sila, malakas sila. At wala na silang gagawin kundi ipitin ako. Hindi ito titigil at wala akong magagawa dahil wala naman akong lakas para labanan ito,” he quoted Reyes as saying.

“This is an organized group. Mini-meeting-an nila ito. Ang lahat ng mga contact nila sa gobyerno. They will gang up against me. Hindi nila ako lulubayan. Sa tingin nila – wala na ako sa gobyerno, panahon na para yariin ako.”

He also revealed that Reyes was still recovering from an operation after allegedly suffering a heart attack.

“He had a heart attack. I don’t ask him about it. He cannot hear from his right ear. He cannot see straight because of his medication. When I have to talk to him, I have to tell 2-3 times anything I tell him before he can absorb it. And people think that when he hesitated in Congress, it’s because he was guilty. He did not want me to bring this out,” he said.

Robles admitted being close to Reyes since the latter was his yearling in the PMA.

“In the PMA, if you are a plebe, you are assigned to a squad. I was the squad leader of Angie Reyes. I was the one, in a manner of speaking, nagpadodo, nagpalit ng lampin niya…until he became a full fledged cadet,” he said.

He added Reyes was also godfather to one of his children.

Robles said he has no plans to visit Reyes’s wake at Arlington Funeral Home.

“I am not going anywhere. I am not going near Reyes’s body. It’s private. If I have a friend who died, I never look at the body. I want to remember him at his best,” he said. With a report from Henry Omaga-Diaz, ABS-CBN News.

ABS-CBN – Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Ninoy’s Death: The Plotters and the Reason


Benigno Aquino Jr. or popularly called by his countrymen as “Ninoy” is one of the most famous Filipino politicians of the 21st century. When dictatorship shot the mouth of criticisms and breaks the hand of resistance against its policies, this brave Filipino senator played the role of an arch adversary  to the Marcos government.  Although exiled, Mr. Aquino continued of prosecuting the so-called Marcos tyranny. But when victory was almost at hand of the Filipino people as their modern hero returned to the country, Mr. Aquino was shot by a mysterious gunman. Allegations raised against the  Marcoses, particularly the First Lady who named as the orchestrator of the plot.  But the Marcoses denied the accusation, saying that Ninoy is certainly not a threat to the dictatorship. In fact, before the assassination, one of the President’s closest associates, Juan Ponce Enrile, delayed the arrival of Ninoy to prove that the alleged eagerness of the government to destroy the prime opposition is false. The First Lady recalled that in May 1983 she warned Ninoy about the plot and told that the assassins are waiting for his return to the country but the Senator ignored it until the plot was realized. Furthermore, intelligence report says that the Senator’s passport was taken by the First Lady in order to prevent him from returning to the country. So if the Marcoses denied the allegation of murder, who then orchestrated the crime? If the government has nothing to do with it, then who and for what reason they killed the “liberator” of his people?

Filipino people considered the death of Ninoy as a legendary part of the nation’s history, but as I discovered the fact behind his assassination, I learned that Mr. Aquino’s death is a “peace of legend in much greater story”. And this legend was happened many years before the rise of the Marcoses, at the time of the Japanese imperialism in Asia.

“Everything started in gold”, as the writer declared. During the Second World War in Asia, the Japanese imperialists exploited almost all of the gold reserve in the South East region. Fearing that their force will soon lost in war, the Japanese princes rushed to bring the looted valuable Asian treasures into Japan. But when they learned that the Allied forces was about to enter into the Far East, the Japanese princes ordered that the treasures be buried for the meantime in some part of their conquered land. When the Americans arrived and destroyed the Japanese forces, the Allied forces in Asia learned the whereabouts of gold and started to dig tunnels where it was said to be buried. Great amount of Asian gold has been shipped to the United States, but still great amount were left in the region, particularly in the Philippines. Concerning to this great amount of gold in the Philippines, the Japanese general, Tomoyuki Yamashita, and his personal driver, Maj. Koshima Kashii, are the only person in Earth who knows the location of the remaining treasures. Tomoyuki was sentenced to death, but Kashii has been handed to a mysterious man named Severino Garcia Diaz Santa Romana. Who is Santa Romana? Well, Santa Romana, accordingly, was an officer of intelligence,but later proven as a Vatican envoy and member of the Opus Dei in charged to the Asia’s looted gold. (The Inquirer, October 29, 1999). While Europe’s gold are being looted by the Nazis, Asian valuables are being looted by the Japanese, and Santa Romana is here to recover them. To supervise Santa Romana, the Allied forces charged Capt. Edward Lansdale, America’s well-known Cold War soldier. Because of the pain of torture, Kashii opened the secrets of gold’s chambers and made his captors exceedingly astonished. The President of the United States, after discussing about the looted treasures, made this information as high-confidential state secret. The Citibank CEO John Reed was a well-informed personality concerning to Santa Romana-Lansdale Black Gold Operation. Reed and Citibank systematically sold those alleged gold bullion to buyers and converting the sales proceeds to their own use.

The gold bullion that Santa Romana and Lansdale looted from the Philippines was stored in 176 accounts in 42 countries. So many countries had linked their currencies to the US dollar, and the dollar linked to gold, that currency values throughout the world would plummet, causing financial disaster. Hence, Santa Romana was given the title as the “gatekeeper” of the Japanese plundered treasures. And because he was a titleholder of bullion accounts in banks all over the world, one company was not adequate. He was the owner of those companies such as Nanette Enterprise, Poirotte Enterprise, and Diaz-Poirotte Enterprise. They are shell companies, set up to hide the movement of the gold bullion from Manila to world banking centers.

The corporate logo for Santy’s (Santa Romana) flagship DNP Enterprises was an open umbrella, signifying ‘umbrella organization’. But it was not just a logo. The umbrella was also a codename for the group where Santy relied on to move the gold from the Philippines to foreign banks. The Umbrella grew rapidly in the late 1970s into a powerful network mingling with CIA agents, Mafia godfathers, Filipino secret police, and Marcos hitmen. One part of the Umbrella organization was an American ex-convict millionaire Wallace Groves, owner of the Grand Bahama Island, whose casinos there and in Nassau were operated by the mobster Meyer Lansky. One of Groves’ partners in the ownership of the Grand Bahama Island was the Wall Street firm, Allen and Co. run by Herbert and Charlie Allen. The Allen’s owned a big part of the Benguet Mines in the Philippines, while Herbert was a golfing crony of Marcos. In a complex deal, Groves and the Allens swapped a piece of Grand Bahama to Marcos in return for nearly complete control of Benguet. This allowed the Umbrella to move-war gold out of the Philippines, masquerading as gold from Benguet Mines. Once the gold reached certain banks in Nassau, it serves as part of an elaborate money-laundering scheme that included washing drug profits through the Groves casinos, then converting them into gold bars. At the start, Santa Romana’s gold valued to the estimation of $50 trillion dollars.
Ferdinand Marcos began his connection to the legendary treasures when he was employed as attorney to Mr. Santa Romana. In his

Ferdinand Marcos and wife, Imelda

capacity as lawyer and chief trustee of Sta. Romana, Marcos “succeeded in isolating the nominees or trustees of the gold certificates from the physical assets – so much so, that it is almost impossible to recover them without piecing the various pieces like a mosaic.” By abusing his position as trustee, Marcos effectively gained control of Sta. Romana’s gold and later, when he had became President, used the “Central Bank to transact the gold.” Really obsessed of the gold issue, Marcos focused his mind to gold mining activity, which the main reason is to continue the quest for the Japanese gold. To Marcos, the natural resources of Sabah were the ultimate gold mine, thus he caused the so called Project Jabida which aim is to sabotage and make insurgency in Sabah. The recruits were Filipino Muslims and the target was a Malaysian Muslim state. The recruits rebelled and then massacred.On March 1968, Walter Fessler, an official of Credit Suisse Bank in Zurich, came to Manila. He was brought to Malacanang. Forms were filled out and signatures appended. In his signature verification form, Marcos wrote out “William Saunders (pseudonym),” an alias he used in his WWII days, and underneath that name he wrote “Ferdinand Marcos (real name).” Imelda did the same, choosing Jane Ryan as her pseudonym. Four bank accounts were opened. Four checks, totalling US$950,000.00 were given for the deposit. In February 13, 1970, the Saunders and Ryan accounts were closed and the money transferred to the Xandy Foundation account at Credit Suisse. This would be the first of many foundations set up in this manner with Swiss bankers and lawyers as directors to hide the identities of Marcos and Imelda.
In 1971, the controversial Golden Bhudda which a locksmith discovered in Baguio clashed within the atmosphere. Marcos, who was very obsessed of the Yamashita Treasures, heard of the news of the Buddha. Immediately, the President’s uncle, Judge Pio Marcos, authorized the search of Roger Roxas’ house by an allegation that the man violated a Central Bank regulation. The search became messy and violent. At the end of the day, the Buddha was gone. Roger was picked up, blindfolded and driven to a secret location outside Manila. He thought it was a military camp in Pampanga. They tortured him until he signed a confession stating Marcos was not involved in the theft of the Buddha.

In August 21 of the same year, Roger Roxas was fetched by the opposition to be their main exhibit in the anti-Marcos campaign to dramatize the gold-greed and tyrannical methods of the President. The suspension of the writ of habeas corpus followed a month later – one of the elements forming the yearlong prelude to martial law, which in the first stage, was supported by the Catholic Church in the Philippines and the government of the United States. Cardinal Santos and other bishops endorsed the martial law proclamation of Marcos in 1972 and called for giving the latter a chance to undertake “reforms”.

In July 1978, after a trip to Russia, Imelda arrived in New York and immediately warmed up for a shopping spree. She started with paying $193,320 for antiques, including $12,000 for a Ming Period side table; $24,000 for a pair of Georgian mahogany Gainsborough armchairs; $6,240 for a Sheraton double-sided writing desk; $11,600 for a George II wood side table with marble top – all in the name of the Philippine consulate to dodge New York sales tax.

A week later she spent $2,181,000.00 in one day! This included $1,150,000 for a platinum and emerald bracelet with diamonds from Bulgari; $330,000 for a necklace with a ruby, diamonds, and emeralds; $300,000 for a ring with heart-shaped emeralds; $78,000 for 18-carat gold ear clips with diamonds; $300,000 for a pendant with canary diamonds, rubies and emeralds on a gold chain.

After New York, she dropped by Hong Kong where a Cartier representative admitted it was this Filipina, Imelda, who had put together the world’s largest collection of gems – in 1978.
The money just kept pouring in.

Lucio Tan paid Marcos Php100 million a year. According to Gapud, Tan “belongs to the group that could get presidential decrees and letters of instruction from Mr. Marcos for their joint benefit.” Marcos demanded 60 percent of the shares of Lucio Tan’s holding company, Shareholdings Inc. which owned Fortune Tobacco, Asia Brewery, Allied bank, and Foremost Farms.

Meanwhile, the Trilateral Commission entered into the Marcoses scenes. The Commission is an international private financial organization run by the personalities linked to the Vatican through the Pilgrims Society and the Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta. Believing that they were conned by the Marcoses on how they used the treasures, the Commission, through the President of the United States assigned the US Ambassador-at-Large Philip Habib to persuade Marcos about the demand that his gold bars and other precious metals deposited at Fort Knox and other depositories of the world should be under the guardianship of the Trilateral Commission, and a certain percentage would be given to the Philippine Government in the form of an investment loan from the World Bank. But Marcos refused saying that the treasures belong to the Filipino people. Insulted by the answers of Marcos, Mr. Habib, joined by U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines, Stephen Bosworth, Richard Armitage, Michael Armacost, Rep. Stephen Solarz, Norbert Garrett (CIA Station Chief in Manila), and Joseph Mussomelli (Anti-Fraud Section, U.S. Embassy), planned to destroy the name of the Philippine dictator. They launched bulk of negative information through Newsweek, Time and other publications including the illicit love affairs of both Marcos and the First Lady (e.g., George Hamilton), the incurable ailment of the President, and the public confidence in Namfrel and distrust in the Comelec. Then came the walk-out of the computer workers at the PICC. These are all part of the U.S. scenario during the snap election. Most of the computer workers were promised visas and immigrant status to the U.S.

Along the scandals that destroyed the President’s reputation was the growing popularity of the opposition, particularly the name of Benigno Aquino Jr. Mr. Aquino captured the sympathy of his countrymen who were at that time were bewildered by the dark result of the Martial law and the accusations of the Trilaterals against the Marcoses. Unexplainable bravery persuaded Mr. Aquino to return to the Philippines and gambled for his life. In August 21, 1983, Senator Aquino returned to the Philippines. Those military officers and  police scattered all over the airport are ignorant about the airplane where Aquino was boarded. While the Senator descends from the plain with a company of four military officers, a horrible gun-shot rang around the space and in a very short while, Ninoy found dead on the ground. When the news came in Malacanang, Marcos, who was suffering an illness on that time, suddenly enraged and thrown an object in his wrath. Suddenly, Imelda’s name appeared as the primary suspect of the plot, but the First Lady denied the accusation. Imelda reasoned out that Mr. Marcos would never act in such awkward and foolish project since obviously the atmosphere in the Philippines was already very  much unfavorable to the First Family. The world stopped as the death of the famous opposition leader broadcast on air. All blames fell upon the Marcoses, and the streets suddenly ripened for a revolution. The Red Cardinal Jaime Sin and the globalist Stephen Solarz intensified the accusation in order to empty the Marcoses with support, either from the Philippines or America. More so, Senator Edward Kennedy is loudly telling  before the Opposition forces in Manila that Marcos was actually behind the murder, while not offering any proof to support such assertion. As the imperialist elements from the States were busy of their propaganda against Mr. Marcos, the Catholic Church in the Philippines is doing her own work to crush the weakening regime. Rev. Jose Blanco, a militant Jesuit, tried to destabilize the regime of President Marcos by means of violent acts, including series of bombings. The Jesuit  Romeo Intengan is also doing the same procedures. Ninety-six people have been accused in the  destabilization conspiracy, with the opposition politicians Jovito Salonga as their leader. Meanwhile, Cory Aquino was instructed by Cardinal Sin to seek refuge in a convent in Cebu. As the fireworks are about to start, Cory installed her revolutionary government in Davao with the assistance of the RAM forces and her NFIA sympathizers. This alternate plan was likewise designed by the CIA, with Col. Voltaire Gazmin as in-charge of securing the revolutionary president. Until finally, Marcos peacefully left the Philippines due to the insistence of Cardinal Sin, who was backed up all the way by the Vatican and the U.S. State Department. Cory ended up as the sole titular head of the state.Marcos was forced from office and went to Hawaii with his family where they held effectively under house arrest. Marcos and his wife told before the people—including the reporters from The Spotlight—that they had never expected to be taken to Hawaii, that they had, instead, expected to be flown to safety from Manila to Marco’s hometown in  Ilocos Norte. Billions of dollars worth of gold certificates that the Marcos [couple] had taken with them were confiscated by the U.S. government. But when the Marcoses demanded the return of the certificates, U.S. said  that the certificates were “fake”. The Reagan Administration, while confiscating the treasures of Marcos, spread out the allegation that Marcos actually stolen the wealth of his own nation.Until the Cory Aquino administration, the mastermind behind the assassination of her husband remained unresolved and  and the case mysterious. Marcos’ Agrava Report suggested that the Communists were the shadows behind the murder, and that some of the military were hired by the insurgents. However, by the help of some evidences and by elaborating of how various elements settled the downfall of Marcos, probabilities that a military conspiracy was actually planned, not by the communist or Muslim renegade, but by the powers who supplied all what they needed and designed what has been done prior to the dictator’s downfall. I think it’s important to emphasize that the White House warned Marcos by saying that he must “avoid an attack against other elements of the Philippine armed forces.”, noting that the United States was providing military assistance to the Philippine army.

The Crisis of Our Freedom


In search for truth, the most important aspect that everyone must possess is the freedom of expression. This is the greatest factor implanted by God to human nature and without this, the full and proper growth of individual is invariably stunted. If man is not free to communicate his ideas to others, not only is his moral and intellectual development stifled but his fellowmen are deprived of the benefit and stimulation which he might impart to them. Unless individuals are at liberty to discuss the various issues that confront the life of man, the search for truth and perfection is impeded.  Since freedom of expression tackles not only the verbal acts of expression, this right can also exercise through publications such as newspapers, periodicals, magazines, books, leaflets and by modern technologies such as radio, television and internet. Thus our constitution guaranteed an absolute protection for this precious right of its citizens. But what if this precious right, instead of being a channel to enjoy the flow of truth, becomes a mean to empower the corrupt and hinder the necessary information that people should acquire. What if the freedom of expression shifted from serving the majority into the service of the interest of few individuals who are in power?

Throughout the history of humanity, the freedom of expression is the most targeted prey of all carnivorous and parasitic elements of the society. Even the Church, in order to conceal its corrupt leadership, compromised the truth and suppressed the divine right that makes people free from all sorts of deceptions. In fact,  history can explain how the Catholic Church fought against Protestantism by suppressing the liberty of expression. This purpose gave way to the rise of the so-called Catholic Inquisition and Jesuitism.

Since people cannot be easily controlled from bursting their sentiments and their desire to know the truth, power-mongers and lone-shark businessmen worked out to make lies appeared to be the truth. The media and all the channels to exercise freedom of expression are diverted to serve their own interests. John Swinton, a preeminent New York journalist, said in a banquet;

There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print.

I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone.

The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press?

We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.

Source: Labor’s Untold Story, by Richard O. Boyer and Herbert M. Morais, published by United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America, NY, 1955/1979.

In many cases of manipulating the press, the enemies of truth are successful in corrupting the government and concealing many information about their crimes and betrayal of public trust.  They darkened the mind of the people that it became unable to detect what is truth or what is error, and driven them to act according to their devilish plans. I just want to quote a statement came from the former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt where she said;

Nazi Germany is no more. The Catholic Church is still here with us. More powerful than ever. With her own Press and the World Press at her bidding. Anything published about the atrocities in the future will not be believed. . .”

“Your book might convince a few. But what about the hundreds of millions already brainwashed by Catholic propaganda?”

(Avro Manhattan, The Vatican’s Holocaust, Ch.9)

The Catholic Church is one of the foundations of Hitler’s Nazi government which doomed Europe with horrible violence and tragic experiences for the Jews and lower races. In Croatia, where Nazism was highly influenced by the Catholic clergy, Europe witnessed the most cruel and inhumane activities that a government can do  against its people in this modern age, but media and publications were shut up  from telling this information to the people beyond the Atlantic.

Our constitution guarantees security to preserve the freedom of the press as manifestation of the existing democracy in the country.  But something is above the constitution, and these are the people who conspired to manipulate the country for the sake of their own interests. Our right had already purchased, the disciples of a free press are hostages of their own profession, and people were made to believe to the existing “democracy” which is not real. Anyone who speak about the truth will consider as doing a revolutionary act. David Rockefeller, in a meeting of Bilderbergers in Germany, gave a hint by saying; “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promise of discretion for almost forty years… It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries“. Edward Bernays, a pioneer in the field public relations, stated; “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.

Yes, freedom of expression is the most powerful and effective tool of a liberal mind, but this can be also a fruitful tree of evil when controlled by a wicked mind. The Bible explained;

And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity: so is the tongue among our members, that it defileth the whole body, and setteth on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire of hell. (James 3:6)

Naturally, common people don’t want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor in Germany or in other country.  That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship. …voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders.  So, as Hermann Goring said, “All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.” Through media, people of the higher echelon can set the world on fire. By bringing false alarm and distorted news, the minds of the people are continuing to believe upon those things which is in accord to the plans of monstrous elites, worrying for a problem which is not existing, and hoping for the solution which actually the reason of their pain. One of the best example of this kind of deception is the event happened prior to the war that destroyed Iraq’s Saddam Hussein. The media informed the people of the world about the alleged biological weapon of mass destruction being produced in Iraq. Colin Powell claimed that Iraq had purchased special aluminum tubes whose only possible use was in uranium enrichment centrifuges. Both CIA and Powell’s own State Department confirmed that the tubes were parts for missiles Saddam was legally allowed to have. Following the invasion, no centrifuges, aluminum or otherwise were found. Powell claimed the Iraqis had illegal rockets and launchers hidden in the palm trees of Western Iraq. None were ever found. Powell claimed that the Iraqis had 8,500 liters (2245 gallons) of Anthrax. None was ever found. Actually,  the news about 9/11 attack and the news about the Global Warming, they are all deceptions sponsored by world broadcasting companies. Richard Salent, former President of CBC News said; “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”

Why is it that Madonna and Britney Spears are on the front page of newspapers all over the world, rather than our young men and women who are overseas fighting for our (supposed) liberty? Iraq wins their liberty while America loses theirs! Dads, moms, brothers, sisters, uncles, and aunts are dying while media is pushing an immoral agenda and do everything possible to cover-up the sacrifice. As of May 2008, there were 4,083 American war deaths since the beginning of the conflict… “Freedom is not free!” The main media networks purposely hide the causality count.

Why is it that since September 11, 2001 the media continuously push fear, fear and more fear? Not courage, but fear; not bravery, but fear; not valor, but fear. James Madison said, “If tyranny or oppression ever come into this country, it will come in the disguise of fighting a foreign enemy”?

The Power and Influence of the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines

“The Philippines was dilapidated, looted and now an impoverished nation because of the conspiracies made by some elite peoples, priests and nuns that are controlled by the Jesuits. Today, political crisis & intrigues, social agitations, street marches-protests-rallies, and rebellions are very common in the Republic of the Philippines. These arenas are the expertise of the Jesuit Order.”

There are people who blame the Jews for the world’s problems. In Catholic countries like Spain, anticlericals blame the Catholic Church for the country’s problems. When I lived in Spain, it was in particular the Jesuits to whom all problems were attributed. Was the streetcar service in Madrid bad? Blame the Jesuits!! Actually,I found out later that the Jesuits did own the Madrid street car system. This Jesuitphobis is an old story;I take it up in one of my studies of the well known writer

I’m very proud to my countrymen like Bienvenido Macario. He’s telling the truth that the Achdiocese Of Manila is one of the richest in the world, whereas the majority of my Filipino countrymen are living in poverty, despair and sufferring. The invincible enemies of the Philippines was already revealed to my mind and my heart. The JESUIT ORDER & THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH ARE THE CULPRITS, and I tagged them as the “CENTRAL CONSPIRACY FORCE IN THE PHILIPPINES”, unknown to millions of Filipinos even to many of our highly intellectual government officials and politicians.

There are indeed Roman Catholic Nuns who are activists. Sometimes you can see them on ABS-CBN / GMA-7 national television news marching and shouting in the streets, together with different groups or organized demonstrators like “Protest & Rallies”, shouting anti-government and even anti-American. A Roman Catholic Church Nun (Mother Deolindes) knows about Liberation Theology but is very cautious iabout implementong it. Even the University Of Santo Thomas (UST) Seminarians hesitate to implement it. However, Dr. Agnes Brazal (a teacher of the Maryhill School of Theology), Father Bernard Teneza and . Jerome Montemayor wish to implement it.

"The Achdiocese Of Manila is one of the richest in the world, yet majority of my Filipino countrymen are living in poverty."


Many historians and writers mention that Liberation Theology eliminated from the Vatican Council in Rome. Many ideologists supported this theology. Surprisingly, there are some members of the Society Of Jesus who wrote about Liberation Theology, which sprung-out tremendously in some South Amercian countries particularly Brazil . Liberation Theology is a mixture of Marxism or Communism ideology. This led to the establishment of the CPP NPA – Communist Party Of The Philippines / New Peoples Army (Mao Tse Tung’s style of communist ideology) by Jose Maria Sison. Later Father Luis Jalandoni established NDF (National Democratic Front). Both Sison & Jalandoni are now in Netherlands. This liberation theology was also absorbed by the late Father Balweg in Cordillera Mountain.

Shocking testimonies from the late Dr. Rivera (a former Jesuit priest) during their secret ceremonies “Black Mass” that the Jesuit General Pedro Arrupe wears a ring symbolizing that the Jesuit General himself is the Supreme Leader of communism in the world. The Jesuit Order also supported the Bolshevik Revolution. Manny hidden historical writings that the Federal Reserve financed the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia via Council Of Foreign Relations. The very reason, Jesuit Father Edmund A. Walsh was present in Russia busy woking catholic church properties affected by the Bolshevik Revolution. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo graduated from the Edmund Walsh School Of Foreign Service at Georgetown Univesity in Washington, D.C. and classmate of former US President Bill Clinton. Suprisingly, Jesuit Father Romeo Intengan is the secret spiritual advisor of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. And that Fr. Romeo Intengan, S.J. is the Jesuit Provincial Head directly reporting to the Jesuit General Peter Hans-Kolvenbach.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of The Philippines (CBCP) headed by Archbishop Fernando Capalla has direct control or even direct supervision of the Philippine Jesuit Foundation. These are separate entities although under the umbrella of the Roman Catholic Church. The CBCP is conservative while the Jesuit Foundation is liberal. Former senator Ninoy Aquino who was assassinated and Jesuit Father Romeo Intengan were both imprisoned during the Marcos regime. Suprisingly, Fr. Romeo Intengan, one of the founders of the Partido Demokratiko-Sosyalista Ng Pilipinas of which Ninoy Aquino is a member, together with Norberto Gonzales, are Ateneans (Jesuit Ateneo de Manila). Ninoy Aquino is the husband of Cory Aquino, who become president and was very close to the late Archbishop of Manila Jaime Cardinal Sin. Norberto Gonzales is now President Arroyo’s National Security Secretary. Jaime Cardinal Sin owned the San Juan De Dios Hospital in Pasay City on the heart of Manila, where you will find Jaime Cardinal Sin Building.

It was former president Cory Aquino who allowed Bishop Teodoro Bacani, Sister Christene Tan and Fr. Joaquin Bernas (Jesuit Priest Of Ateneo as Constitutionalist) to participate in the amendments of our beloved 1987 Philippine Constitution. I thought that there was a separation of church and state.

Professor Francisco Ramirez (a proud Filipino) is indeed correct. The Univesity Of Santo Thomas (UST) is owned by the Dominican Order. UST is called “PAPAL UNIVERSITY IN THE PHILIPPINES”. However, the Ateneo de Manila is owned by the Jesuit Order. When Pope Clement XIV issued a Papal Bull in 1773 abolishing the Jesuit Order, the Ateneo de Manila was temporarily suspended. Pope Clement XIV was assassinated by the Jesuits using a”Poison Cup” and many Dominican friars in France were killed by the Jacobins for siding with Pope Clement XIV. When the Jesuit Order was re-established, the Ateneo de Manila was again back in normal operation. The Dominicans will not touch again the properties of the Jesuit Order.
It is believed that the Loyola Memorial Park Cemetery in the Philippines is owned by the Catholic Church. A cemetery only for rich and famous filipino families.

The Jesuit Order is the real order that controls the Freemasons Secret Society. This is the reason Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s campaignwas supported by the Masonic Lodges Of The Philippines. The former Philipine National Police (PNP) Director-General (Gen. Hermogenes Ebdane is a Masonic Master). Now the present PNP Dir. Gen. Aturo Lomibao & PNP NCR Chief Gen. Vidal Querol are also members of Masonic Lodges together with Ebdane. The Gloria-Gate Scandal “Wire-Tapped Tele-Conversation” between Comelec Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano and Pres. Arroyo was tapped by the ISAFP – Intelligence Service Armed Forces Of The Philippines. Former National Bureau Of Investigation (NBI) official Atty. Samuel Ong kept the alledge mother of all tapes. Atty. Ong together with ISAFP Sgt. Doble found safe haven at the San Carlos Seminarista in Gudalupe, Makati City. There, Atty. Samuel Ong handed over the mother of all tape to Roman Catholic Bishop Teodoro Bacani. While Father Robert Reyes is standing in vigil outside the gate of the San Carlos Seminarista and the PNP Policemen can’t enter.This shows how powerful the Catholic Church is in the Philippines.

Bobby Limeta (Historian)