Bro. Eddie and His True Master

“No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”  (Luke 16:13)

According to his official website,

But Bro. Eddie is beyond his spiritual preoccupations. Apart from being a deeply spiritual man with strong moral convictions and high ethical principles, he is most of all a Filipino who loves his country and his people and a man who is committed to leading the transformation of the Philippines into a prosperous and respectable nation through the Bagong Pilipinas, Bagong Pilipino Movement which he also heads. ” (

Eddie Villanueva, the Leader of Jesus Is Lord Church

Perhaps, his desire to “serve the country” is the foremost reason that pushed Eddie Villanueva, the Founder and Spiritual Director of Jesus Is Lord Church, to join the past national elections particularly presidential elections. Though disappointed from his previous candidacies, Mr. Villanueva was totally determined to enter into the political sphere like what has been declared to his vision. But what would be the end of this political ambitions? What are the things that he can do both for God and for the nation? As a man who professed to be a Bishop of the ministry that he propagates, how possible that Eddie Villanueva will serve his two masters at the same time? Or is it possible that he will forsake one for the sake of the other one?

According to the Holy Scriptures,

No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”  (Luke 16:13)

The experience of Mr.Eddie Villanueva is the perfect example to prove the truthfulness of what Christ had said. His determination to join within the atmosphere of the politics in the Philippines shows what are the real desire that lies in the heart of the JIL’s head bishop.  It shows what really the priority of his service, his ministry or his ambition. According to Apostle Paul;

But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God.”  (Acts 20:24)

For a true minister who was called by God into the ministry of His grace, nothing will be prioritized except the reason of his calling, that even his own life is not worthy to give up the ministry that he received. In the experience of Mr. Villanueva as the Bishop of his Church and as the head and representative of the “Bangon Pilipinas Movement”, we never seen the meaning of what Paul had said, but the clear view that a preacher cannot serve two masters at the same time. During the past presidential election, Mr. Villaneva have this statement;

As I accept the challenge to lead the movement, I make one painful if not agonizing sacrifice,” he said. “To be able to better and effectively execute the leadership role for the movement, I am taking a leave of absence as a pastor of the Jesus is Lord Church.”

He said the Council of Leaders of the Jesus Is Lord Worldwide Movement officially released him from his ecclesiastical duties last Feb. 7 “so that I may concentrate on the transformation of our beloved nation.” (, Posted March 29,2009)

This message clearly shows that Eddie Villanueva is not in harmony with the views of the true messengers in the Holy Scriptures.  He knows what are the effects or the consequences that will possibly happen against his ministry if he endeavor to join the politics in the country, but the bishop boldly accepted the consequences though it affects his own credibility as a preacher of his message. According to Mr. Villanueva,  “This world is to poor to buy my convictions on the principles of truth, justice and righteousness.” But what really the meaning of righteousness and truth for him? Is it based upon the principles that had read from the Bible or is it based only on his ambitions to gain a high post in worldly politics? After he confessed in an interview conducted by one of the Philippine’s best newscaster, Mike Enriquez, that he was a true catholic and a cursillista , Mr. Villanueva again made a horrible statement when he visited the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Quiboloy’s Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Name Above Every Name. Mr. Apollo Quiboloy is one of the many influential religious leaders in the Philippines who says that he is the Son of God. (Click here)

Though it was recorded during the past presidential election campaign  in the Philippines, this period should not be a reason for him to destroy those matters concerning the salvation of souls. The previous election became a trap that exposed the real intent of this professed man of God – the intention to use the religion for his personal worldly ambitions. If he denied the truth by commending a false ministry, how much more the nation that he aspired to lead.  Servicing the people as well as God at the same time is not a sin or an evil act if we will not compromise the truth and harm the cause of God. The true service that a preacher can do for the people is to bring out the nation from the bondage of deception and lies and not to let them remain within the bonds of false hope that are being spread in the society by those evil preachers of religion like what Eddie Villanueva did when he visited the false messiah’s group.

It is clearly seen in this video that Mr. Villanueva not only lowered his credibility as a man and as a preacher, but he also invited the wrath of God to fall upon him. II Chronicles 19:2 stated;

And Jehu the son of Hanani the seer went out to meet him, and said to king Jehoshaphat, Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the LORD.

The Cult of the “Son”



The following is an interview made by the journalist Che-Che Lazaro of Probe Team to Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy of Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Name Above Every Name, which aired last Dec. 16, 2009. Also included are those statements given by former and present members of his so-called “Kingdom”.


Che-Che: Meron pa ho bang ibang mga ah ineexpect na monetary contribution sa mga miyembro? Maliban sa tithes and offering?
Quiboloy: Merong mga sacrificial giving pero kapatong na yun sa offering.
Che-Che: Ano po yung sacrificial giving?
Quiboloy: Yung offering, it is up to you eh. So, give and it shall be given. Its up to you. The tithes is up to God. Do not change the ten, because its up to God. The offering is up to you. According to the measure you have given, is the measure that will come back to you. So its up to you.

Che-Che Lazaro

Isa si Erlinda Rillon sa mga nanalig kay Pastor Apollo Quiboloy. Dating born again Christian, naengganyo daw siya at ang kanyang asawa na lumipat sa Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Name Above Every Name, nang mapanood si Pastor Apollo Quiboloy sa telebisyon.

Erlinda: Maganda magpreach si Quiboloy noon. Hanggang, sabi nga ng asawa ko… napanatiko rin yung asawa ko eh. ‘Ma, hanapin mo nga yung simbahan nila Quiboloy mukhang maganda.

2002 nang magsimula silang dumalo sa lingguhang pananamba ng kingdom.

Erlinda: Parang alagad siya ng Dios talaga. Na tunay. Parang nagsabi pa siya nga yung sa Biblia pa talaga kinukuha niya.

Ano ka dito… may oil pang kasama dito. Magbigay ka ng pera rin. Kasi gamot ko daw ito. (she showed a card). Gagaling ka daw dito.

Pero hindi nagtagal, iba rin ang nakita ni Erlinda.

Erlinda: Ito pa lang Kingdom of Jesus Christ na simbahan, front lang yun! Para maka-solicit siya ng pera. Ginamit niya ang mga members maghanap buhay para sa kanya, para yumaman siya lalo.

Bukod sa karaniwang ikapu ng kita ng miyembro, may iba pa palang obligasyon ang bawat tagasunod ni Pastor.

Erlinda: Nagbigay ka halimbawa ng 500. Ito para sa love offering… ito ang tithes mo, 200. Yung 100 para sa TV. Tapos, para sa venue, love offering. Basta hati-hatiin mo na yun.

Che-che: Is there such a thing as a TV fee?

Quiboloy: We have. Kasama na yun sa offering.

Che-che: Ah kasama na ho yun.

Quiboloy: Yung offering kasi, Che, is a sacrificial offering, love offering, andun na yung mga donations, nasa sa iyo na kung anong gusto mo.

Che-che: Ano ho yung wave offering?

Quiboloy: Wave offering is what we get on Sundays. Kasama pa rin sa offering yun.

Che-che: (laugh) Ak ok. Dami no?

Quiboloy: The wave offering is still up to you. Kung ayaw mong magbigay, its up to you.

Paliwanag ni Pastor, hindi daw sapilitan ang pangangalap ng kingdom ng offering mula sa kanilang mga miyembro.

Quiboloy: We do not require it as it if na nakautang ka sa akin. It is through obedience pa rin, kasi espirito na yan eh.

Pero sa isang memo noong September 28, 2003, pinirmahan mismo ni Reverend Apollo Quiboloy, Son of God, ipinakita sa amin ni Erlinda na nakasaad na duty and responsibility ng bawat miyembro ang makilahok sa Month of Sacrifice, kung saan ang target na maibigay ni Erlinda ay P 10,000. Iba pa ang target na ibibigay ng kanyang asawa. May mga kakilala rin silang may kaya na mas malaki pa ang hinihingi ng kingdom.

Walang hanap-buhay kundi ang maliit na sari-sari store, umaabot daw sa P4,000 kada-buwan ang naibibigay nila sa Kingdom.

Erlinda: Alam mo yung church namin… eh di inupahan ang venue… pagkatapos kaming magsimba, isarado muna ang pintuan.. hindi kami palabasin. Magmeeting muna tayo.

Ano pinagmeetingan natin? Hindi, yung bayad natin sa venue, sabing ganun. Magkano? 1,500 hati-hatiin natin. Ikaw 200, ikaw 100, ikaw 50, ganun. Sabi kong ganun, ‘bakit magbayad tayo, di ba may tithes na tayo? May offering na tayo? Hindi daw. Para sa Panginoon yun.

Nori Cardona (Chief-of-staff): Pagpasok mo dito (kingdom), ano dapat ang

Nori Cardona (Quiboloy's Chief-of-saff)

buhay natin? Yung kingdom culture… what’s the kingdom culture? Yung sinabi nyong may tithes…

Che-Che: Kung member ako, magmintis ako ng tithes this Sunday?Meron bang consequence yun?

Nori Cardona: Tatanungin. Fafallow-up in, bakit may problema ba?

Kung walang trabaho ang miyembro, aalalay daw ang kingdom.

Quiboloy: Tinuturuan na namin sila ng livelihood. Kung paano mag set up ng mini-store. O kaya maliit na puhunan lang makakapagtinda ka na.

Che-Che: From there they tithe?

Quiboloy: They tithe.

Che-Che to Cardona: Sino ang namumuhunan nun?

Cardona: Sila mismo. Doon mismo sa members, nagtutulong tulong sila.

Patty: Ang purpose daw nyon is not only raising money. Is to help your spirit daw to humble, para maalis daw yung ego mo. Imbis na pupunta ka sa Jollibee (a fast food chain), wag na lang kasi mapressure ka din kung hindi mo bayaran yung kota mo nyang Sunday na yan.

Dating District Coordinator ng Kingdom si Patty, isang propesyunal, marami daw ang nagtaka kung bakit siya napasama sa organisasyon?

Patty: Ibig sabihin na ano… kaalaman mo, pero…parang its a humiliating ano pa rin sa akin.

Kwento ni Patty, hirap na hirap daw ang mga miyembro sa pagpopondo ng mga pinupundar ni Pastor. Ito daw ang dahilan kung bakit tumiwalag siya sa Kingdom.

Patty: Being a leader, mapressure ka talaga. If they say you have to produce like this, you have to motivate your men or the people under you… the members under you to produce that thing. You have to pressure them to ‘gawa ng paraan’. Kasi yung ano, yung word sa kingdom ‘gawa kayo ng paraan’.

Para makalikom ng pera, may ilang istilo daw na itinuturo ang kingdom.

Patty: Magtinda talaga sila. Or bigyan sila ng ministry ng itinda.

Mag-imbento kami ng ano, ng religious organization. ‘Sir, paki-ano…ah…ah… donation para sa ano…’

Sa kanila, hindi daw pagsisinungaling yan. Its just ahm… using the wisdom. God gave you wisdom to use.

Ilang araw kaming umistambay sa harap ng headquarters ng Kingdom sa Quezon City. Tuwing ala-sais ng umaga, ilang pila ng pampasaherong bus na puno ng tao ang lumalabas ng kanilang compound.


Erlinda Rillon

Kung saan saan nagpapasikot-sikot ang kanilang bus, hindi naman nagsasakay ng pasahero. Tadtad ng stickers ang plakang ni hindi na mabasa ang nakasulat. Isa-isang ibinababa ng bus ang mga pasaherong may dalang malalaking supot o kaya’y guitarra. Meron ding bumaba sa supplier ng chichiria. Nakabili kami mula sa isa sa mga batang babaeng nanggaling sa Kingdom.

Arlene Rillon

Che-Che: Yung mga naglalako ho, karamihan bata ano? Do you get permit for them?

Quiboloy: Yes…

Che-Che: Do you have permit?

Quiboloy: They have a business permit.

Che-Che: So, this is an official activity? Yung nagbebenta sila… they go out into the streets?

Quiboloy: It is a sanctioned activity. It is permitted.

Ayon sa DSWD (Department of Social Welfare and Development), walang permit ang Kingdom o ang Children’s Joy para mag solicit. Bukod sa Children’s Joy, hindi rin rehistrado ang ibang mga foundations sa ipinakita sa aming mga solicitation notes. Katunayan, marami na silang mga nakumpiskang mga lata galing sa mga foundation ng Kingdom.

Ang kaisa-isang anak ni Erlinda na si Arlene ay isa daw sa mga nakaranas magtinda para makapagbigay ng tithes at offerings. Ipinakita niya sa amin ang mga kompyutasyon ni Arlene ng pinagbentahan at ang listahan kung saang ministry ng kingdom niya ibibigay ang mga ito?

Erlinda: Yung pinapatinda-tinda na goodies. Yun, yung mga goodies?! Mga kanin-kanin? May kota sila! Yung anak ko, 2000 ata isang linggo.

Nagulat daw si Erlinda sa pagkahumaling ng anak.

Erlinda: Yung baon pa niya, minsan nagugutom na… binawas niya kasi i-tithes niya sa ano…

May bahay kasi kaming maliit sa taas, doon sa UP Village. Sabi ng anak ko, ‘may pera pa tayong kaunti, Ma. Ibenta mo na yan lahat Ma lahat. Kasi punta na tayo sa Davao… i-ano natin sa simbahan, ibigay… ‘Ano ka hilo!’Donate mo yung pinaghirapan namin ng papa mo?

Nagsimulang umalma si Erlinda sa mga patakaran ng Kingdom, lalo na sa mga pinagagawa nito sa mga kabataan tulad ng kanyang anak.

Erlinda: Exam nila yung ano ba yun? Mid-term ba yun? Pinipilit na magpunta yung anak ko sa ano… sa Cavite. Kasi nga magsolicit nga sila. Ginawa kasi siyang youth leader doon.

Bilang youth leader ng kingdom, napasama daw si Arlene sa dalawang-linggong youth conference sa Davao noong April 2004. Pero lumakad daw ang mga buwan, hindi nakauwi ang kanyang anak.

Erlinda: Tuloy-tuloy na! Tapos sinabi pa niya na ‘Mama, wag na masyado mag ano… baka iconfiscate na yung cellphone namin di na kami makatawag. Kasi bawal daw mag-gamit ng cellphone doon.

July 2004, dalawang-buwan makalipas ang takdang araw ng takdang pag-uwi ng anak, nag execute ng writ of habeas corpus sila Erlinda pero nadismiss ito. Di nagtagal, nagbigay ng affidavit ang kanyang anak na hindi daw labag sa kanyang kalooban ang pagtira niya sa headquarters ni Pastor sa Davao. Galit na galit si Erlinda.

Erlinda: Tinanong ko kung totoo, totoo naman eh! Hindi yan ang gawain ng tunay na Kristyano. Ba’t ayaw pauliin ang anak ko?

Pinabulaanan ni Pastor Quiboloy ang mga bintang ni Erlinda.

Quiboloy: Mali po yun. Lahat dito, they have their own freedom of choice. Nandito ka, it is your choice like me. Kung ayaw mo na dito, the gates are widely open.

Sinampahan ng kasong libel ng kampo ni Quiboloy si Erlinda noong January 2005. Nakulong si Erlinda pero pinalaya rin kinabukasan ng makapag-piyansa ng halagang 20,000 pesos. Nitong 2007, iniurong ang kaso laban sa kanya. Lumapit na si Erlinda sa gobyerno, media at iba’t ibang organisasyon para mabawi si Arlene mula sa grupong pinaratangan niyang mangingidnap at manggagantso. Pero mahirap daw banggain si Pastor Quiboloy.

Masama ang loob ni Erlinda sa anak, dahil minsan lang daw nadalaw ni Arlene ang amang naratay sa ospital.

Erlinda: Ayaw ba niyang masolo ko siyang kausap… ayaw niya. Bakit ka nandito sa ospital Pa? Papa, wala ka namang sakit.’ (Arlene said). Dahil sila pala hindi umiinom ng gamot. Hindi sila umiinom ng gamot. Prayer lang dun kay Quiboloy, ang ano nila. Kahit mamatay ka na.

2006 namatay ang anak ni Erlinda. Hindi nakarating sa burol si Arlene.

Erlinda: Nakiusap ako! Na pauwiin nyo naman kahit sa pagburol. Kaya yung asawa ko 11 days na nakaburol kasi hinintay talaga siya.

Sa prayer mountain, ipinakilala sa amin ni Pastor si Arlene. Kwento niya, alam niyang hindi na mabuti ang kalagayan ng kanyang ama bago pa man siya umalis.

Arlene: Meron na siyang yung sa puso… Parang ano po…parang… ‘nung time na yun nagkakasunod-sunod na po yung kaso, ma’am, parang inatake na siya ng ano…

Che-Che: Dahil sa ‘yo?

Arlene: Oo… hindi naman… syempre nag-iisa po kasi akong anak. So yung nangyaring yun, parang mabigat sa kanila.

Natanong ko siya tungkol sa hinanakit ng ina.

Che-Che: Nakipaglibing ka ba sa father mo?

Arlene: I wasn’t able to go there ma’am because we have an activity here.

Che-Che: Is it not important that you have missed your father’s funeral?

Arlene: As their daughter, kailangan ko talagang magpunta dun ma’am, pero that time there was a very big occasion here at the kingdom and I had a very big responsibility here also. That’s why I’m … I…I… I apologized to my mom when she called me.

Che-Che: Do you have any regrets not having gobe to your father’s funeral?

Arlene: I don’t have any ma’am...

Che-Che: No regrets?

Arlene: No regrets.

Hanggang ngayon, hindi pa nakakabisita man lang sa puntod ng kanyang ama si Arlene. Takot siyang bumisita sa Baguio.

Ipinaliwanag sa amin ni Patty ang mentalidad ng mga taga Kingdom.

Patty: For them, they are not blinded. They don’t accept na blinded sila. Sa atin, yan ang interpretation, but sa kanila, hindi. Tayo ang blinded, sila ang hindi.

Mag-aanim na pung taong gulang na si Pastor. Solo niya ang pagmamay-ari ng lahat ng ari-arian ng Kingdom. Siya rin lang ang pinaggagalingan ng mensahe nito.

Che-Che: What happens if you’re not here? What is the succession plan?

Quiboloy: This is a spiritual movement. What is important here is the message. I am the central figure in the sense that I am their model. Pero all of them will become like me.

Nori Cardona: Hindi siya matatapos kasi this kingdom is forever naman.

Patty: I thank God because nakalabas ako. And yung nakalabas ako, it was a great blessing. Kasi nakalabas ako. And it was also a struggle. Kasi yung iistruggle ko sabi ko, ‘Lord, you allowed me to enter into this organization, please help me to get out. And God made a way.


God’s Newest Son?

The first time I heard about his claim as the Son of God, I was totally alarmed. His followers numbered in thousands, blindly followed him in his aim to build a great “heavenly” kingdom in the Philippines where he himself is the King and Davao is the capital, the New Jerusalem as he called it.

Apollo Quiboloy, born in 1950, the founder and leader of the Philippine based “Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Name Above Every Name”, is now displaying his influence in the politics and continuously acquiring vast property from the supports of his fanatics by presenting himself as the “appointed Son of God”. And more than this, he was accordingly entrusted the power to grant eternal life to whomsoever he will. It is according to his official website where the following is stated;

“When the Sonship was entrusted to Pastor Apollo he was given the power to give eternal life to whomsoever he will as stated in John 17:2.”


Quiboloy claiming to be the Son of God.

Quiboloy claiming to be the Son of God.


He claims to be the heir of the Sonship and everything that pertains to the Son here in what he called the “Gentile setting”, making himself equal with the true Son of God.




I warn you readers. This man is now expanding his organization around the world and now making even foreign converts. Christ is the ONLY begotten Son of God.  Monogenēs (μονογενής) or UNIQUE in its direct meaning. So how come that this man from Davao will come and proclaim himself the “appointed Son of God in the Gentile setting”, entrusted to give eternal life, and equal with Jesus Christ”? This was a crystal clear deception! There is not a single verse in the Bible which tells that there is another Son to be proclaim aside from Christ. But rather, Christ Himself warned us,

For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. (Matthew 24:5)

There is no such thing as the Son of God in Gentile setting. There is no a single verse that tells that New Jerusalem will be established in Davao province. And there’s no other messenger appointed in these last days except Jesus Christ. And above all, the Son of God never requires the Christians to give appointed amount as their offering, like what Mr. Quiboloy did to his members.


Want to know another thing about him? He was a false prophet. Remember what happened in this past presidential election in the Philippines? When Quiboloy said;

Tonight let it be known to all Filipinos that the Almighty Father has appointed the president of this nation. He is no other than Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro.” ( CLICK Inquirer Headlines).

But what happened after the election? Gibo lost and the seat was won by Cory’s son, Noynoy Aquino.

And how could a man become the Savior if he himself is willing to put his followers to death? Remember how this preacher connected to a violence happened in Southern Philippines that killed the tribal leader Dominador Diarog, leader of the Bagobo-K’lata tribe? Jesus died for his flock but this man wants 20,000 of his followers to die for him. (Click and READ)