God’s Newest Son?

The first time I heard about his claim as the Son of God, I was totally alarmed. His followers numbered in thousands, blindly followed him in his aim to build a great “heavenly” kingdom in the Philippines where he himself is the King and Davao is the capital, the New Jerusalem as he called it.

Apollo Quiboloy, born in 1950, the founder and leader of the Philippine based “Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Name Above Every Name”, is now displaying his influence in the politics and continuously acquiring vast property from the supports of his fanatics by presenting himself as the “appointed Son of God”. And more than this, he was accordingly entrusted the power to grant eternal life to whomsoever he will. It is according to his official website where the following is stated;

“When the Sonship was entrusted to Pastor Apollo he was given the power to give eternal life to whomsoever he will as stated in John 17:2.”


Quiboloy claiming to be the Son of God.

Quiboloy claiming to be the Son of God.


He claims to be the heir of the Sonship and everything that pertains to the Son here in what he called the “Gentile setting”, making himself equal with the true Son of God.



Source: http://www.kingdomofjesuschrist.org/2012/faq-kingdom-doctrine/

I warn you readers. This man is now expanding his organization around the world and now making even foreign converts. Christ is the ONLY begotten Son of God.  Monogenēs (μονογενής) or UNIQUE in its direct meaning. So how come that this man from Davao will come and proclaim himself the “appointed Son of God in the Gentile setting”, entrusted to give eternal life, and equal with Jesus Christ”? This was a crystal clear deception! There is not a single verse in the Bible which tells that there is another Son to be proclaim aside from Christ. But rather, Christ Himself warned us,

For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many. (Matthew 24:5)

There is no such thing as the Son of God in Gentile setting. There is no a single verse that tells that New Jerusalem will be established in Davao province. And there’s no other messenger appointed in these last days except Jesus Christ. And above all, the Son of God never requires the Christians to give appointed amount as their offering, like what Mr. Quiboloy did to his members.


Want to know another thing about him? He was a false prophet. Remember what happened in this past presidential election in the Philippines? When Quiboloy said;

Tonight let it be known to all Filipinos that the Almighty Father has appointed the president of this nation. He is no other than Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro.” ( CLICK Inquirer Headlines).

But what happened after the election? Gibo lost and the seat was won by Cory’s son, Noynoy Aquino.

And how could a man become the Savior if he himself is willing to put his followers to death? Remember how this preacher connected to a violence happened in Southern Philippines that killed the tribal leader Dominador Diarog, leader of the Bagobo-K’lata tribe? Jesus died for his flock but this man wants 20,000 of his followers to die for him. (Click and READ)

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