Benny Hinn And the Miracle of Donations


Benny Hinn

He claims he can cure the sick, but his critics say that the only miracle may be the millions he made for himself.

Pastor Benny Hinn, calling down miracles and raising millions, he says were God’s work. But what happens to people who believed they were healed? And what happened to those donations? Ministry documents and inside sources tell us about shopping sprees, private jets and luxurious living. And what does Benny Hinn say? Though Hinn refuses to make his financial information open to the public, he said that every dollar given to his ministry goes to the works of God.

Be that as it may, Benny Hinn does manage to live very well. His mansion

Benny Hinn's mansion

over looks  the Pacific Ocean, build and paid for by his ministry. According to building record, it has 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and more than 7 thousand square meters of living space. The ministry told that his mansion was a good investment. Accordingly, it worth about 10 million dollars. And when Hinn goes to crusade around the world, he travels in his private jet. According to documents, the ministry pays more than a hundred and twelve thousand dollars a month to use the plain. And close to the home, Pastor Benny still travels in style.  A photo obtained by DATELINE shows him getting out with his Mercedes SUV, and another photo shows him driving his Mercedes Convertible, both cars retail for about 80 thousand dollars.

A former Hinn insider says;

There was never one complete record that will suit the criteria for documented miracle healing… and that troubled me deeply. To me, this was fraud and deception being put across the people that are donors.

Hundreds of pages of ministry expense documents were verified. A documents shows that while he was on his ministry business, Hinn stays in luxurious hotel rooms. A crusade in Milwaukee, the documents indicate that Benny Hinn occupied the Presidential suite of the Pfister Hotel. The hotel told that room costs 990 dollars/night. In a crusade in Panama, the documents showed that Hinn stays at the Intercontinental Hotel, in the Royal Suite and the published rate is 1,700 dollars/night. In Montreal, Benny stays at the Royal Suite of St. James Hotel, and the regular rate is 2,700 dollars/night. The room is as big as an average house with 2200 square feet, including a make-up room, dressing room, and piano plays by itself. There were also other trips that seem to have little to do with spreading the words of God.


Hinn's private jet

A man who named himself “Steve”, a member of Hinn’s security team, told that he traveled with Benny and personally escorted him in shopping and excursions. According to “Steve” and other ministry sources, Hinn is a regular in Beverly Hills clothing stores like Versace, Louis Vuitton and Bijan, where Hinn’s name was in the window along with princes and heads of states. But questions raised from some of the purchases in those documents.  For example, in just over four weeks in 2003, researchers found six separate charges that heightened clothing stores totaling more than six thousand dollars, all charged on the ministry’s corporate card. The ministry told that every single trip made by Benny Hinn is approved by his executive board. But researchers were intrigued by what appeared to be the stops by Pastor Benny Hinn at resorts and spas around the world. On his way to and from crusades. The ministry called this stops, lay-overs. For more travelers, lay-over means long hours of waiting for a connection and unfamiliar airport, maybe an overnight stay at the low-rate hotel. But remember, Benny Hinn travels in the ministry’s private jet and sets his own schedule. So consider Benny Hinn’s version of a lay-over.

On his way home to California from his crusade in Colombia, the document shows and confirmed by the hotel, Benny Hinn stopped in a resort in Cancun, Mexico. He stayed in Presidential Suite there that costs the ministry 2,684 dollars/night and this trip was defined as a lay-over. After the crusades in Russia and in Sweden in July of 2003, Benny apparently didn’t get on his private jet, fly west and go home. Instead he flew from Sweden, south to Italy and back north to England with an entourage which included his son,  his daughter and her fiancee. They has expenses for meals like the one which totaled for more than 900 dollars in Italy, and in a Lebanese restaurant in London that costs 1,725 dollars. In hotel bills, the Italian trip cost more than 6,000 dollars transportation bills. In London, another 6,000 dollars for incidentals such as Chauffeur Services and In-Room Tea. The documents also listed tips that totaled more than 4,500 dollars in three days, including a hundred thousand dollars to the concierge  and another thousand dollars to a desk manager. And then there were Pastor Benny Hinn’s hotel bills. In London, documents showed that Hinn stayed at the exclusive Lanesborough Hotel. The hotel confirmed that he stayed at suite 210, and told us that they never discount rooms. At the room rate per night is 3,124 dollars. In Milan, the expense documents showed that Hinn stayed in Room 1001 which is a Presidential Suite. The Hotel website says that the room is a dwelling fit for a prince, and the largest hotel suite in Europe. Among its 5400 square feet; three bedrooms,  a formal dining room, a fireplace, a jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath, a large terrace with a panoramic view of the city, and a one hundred foot long swimming pool decorated with marble and frescos. The Hotel told that this room rents from more than ten thousand dollars a night! No discounts. In an email, the ministry told that Hinn uses a private jet for security reasons and its often necessary to make lay-overs to refuel his plane, and for the pilots to rest.

Not surprisingly, Hinn’s critics has different point of view. They says that what he does is a kind of lifestyle that he believed he deserves. According to some documents obtained by researchers and from some insiders, there’s also a great deal of cash going out. According to a receipt issued in 2003, there were apparent issuance of petty cash checks for Hinn’s family members;  1,300 dollars for his daughter Jessica with no reason given. 2,550 dollars for Jessica’s fiancee for watching Joshua, Pastor Benny’s son. According to the expense documents, in just over a month in 2003, more than 23,000 dollars of ministry cash was dispensed for Pastor Benny and his wife, who was also a ministry employed. A a record have found showing 25,000 dollars in cash dispersed to accompany Benny Hinn for a crusade in Anaheim, California, just 30 miles from his house.

When Benny Hinn declined to attend the program that questions his luxurious lifestyle, he stated; “The Lord said, Don’t!


NBC News’ DATELINE Sunday.

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  1. Rev. Hinn. Living in a mansion, having private Jet. Serving God in such condition is really a blessing. Me, being a humble Leader, sufferng from diseases, taking treatment and now with a debt of morethan 2lacs of Indian Rupees. May u somehow help me with even atleast a single penny. My postal Add:
    C/o PO BOX no 31
    Evangelical Baptist Convention Church, Lamphelpat. Imphal. Manipur India-795004
    If u dont want to do any thing. Atleast do pray for me. If you wish, ihope ur onetime breakfast cost may do a great thing.

  2. Please, do save my family.
    I may somehow become a prayer helper, if its the Will of God. I am waiting from now on. To hear something from you.

    • Just hold on to your faith brother. If I can’t help you financially, at least I am willing to utter my prayers for your sake, and may the Lord heals you from all kinds of affliction and give peace to your family. He said, “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”, Jeremiah 33:3. Just believe and He will not forsake you.

  3. I Love Pastor Benny hinn
    the reflections of the power of the Lord is really Manifested through his Entire life

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