Rosita and the “Last Day Messenger”



Rosita Trillanes was a single female convert to the INC who was disowned by her parents after having secretly converted to the Iglesia ni Cristo cult and having sought refuge at the INC, was given sanctuary at the central office of INC founder Felix Y. Manalo, whom Rosita reveres as the messenger of God. Her stay however in that residence became the most bitter and painful experience of her life when FYM spurned of his sexual advances punched her into unconsciousness and had raped her afterwards. Her story was related by her personal letter which was published in the Philippine Gazette in July, 1942. Her lettter in the vernacular (tagalog) is reproduced below. An English translation follows.

From the Philippines’ Official Gazette, Vol. 1, July 1942:

Dear Brethren:

Because of my love for the Church for your sake, I am writing you to confess the things that truly hapened to me and the things I have witnessed and have come to know during the two years I have stayed at the Central. I am a young lady who became a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo in Batangas. Because of this, I was despised and disowned by my parents. Thinking it I would find shelter, brother Jacinto Torres convinced me to go with him to the Central Office. During my stay there, what I encountered was a very bitter and painful ordeal like the time when Manalo, whom I considered almost like a father, took advantage of me. At first he tried to court me but when I resisted his sexual advances, he beat me and hit me which made me lose consciousness. It was during this time that I was unconscious that he accomplished his fleshly desires on me. I suffered so much because of the beatings and the threats I have received all the time that I resisted his advances. I have witnessed many more who were raped by Felix Manalo. Some were young women, others were wives of some members, while I know of one who was the wife of a minister. Manalo told me some of the other women he raped he did when he was trying to seduce me. He told me of some thirty women he raped. I cannot reveal their names but they often can be seen at the Central Office. In my presence, he raped a young lady who later became pregnant and it so happened that she went to the central office for the only time it was related to Manalo. The reason why Liloy resigned was probably because Manalo forced Amada. All of those he has raped feared telling anyone because he threatened to kill them like what he did to Basilia Santos of Paco, who claimed to have 2 children from Manalo. These were the talk of the town for some time in Paco.

Before Manalo went to the United States, he brought me to the Protacio family in Pasay. Not one month has passed he came back for me fearing that I told my hosts everything he did to me; when I resisted, he threatened me. After this, he expelled the Protacio’s from the Church and accused themn with false charges. He used up all his monthly salary of P1,300 on women and for his immoral acts, while the average Iglesia worker receives only P5.00, P10.00, P15.00, P20.00 a month. All of the tithes you gave to God goes to him of which he spends for all his immoral deeds. I told everything to brother Doro while Manalo is in America.

In this regard, will you allow Manalo to abuse the church’s members and accept the Church in the name of God? Don’t you love the Church? Your wives and daughters are in grave danger from the impure desires of the people you trust and revere as your teachers of the word of God.

I confess everything to you and I leave to you the decision that you can do if you really love the Church and God. In convincing the girl he desires, be she single or married, he claims that Solomon has many wives and that the messenger of God is to be pleased and that to consent and to agree is very pleasing in the eyes of God.

Can your good hearts accept this unrighteousness? The decision is yours.

From your sister who was disgraced because of trusting too much.


Trillanes' letter in Tagalog

For additional informations about this “messenger”, you may read the letter of Leslie Wolfe of Philippine Mission Churches of Christ, where Manalo formerly a member, and the news of a weekly tabloid. CLICK

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