Birds of the Same Feathers

These pictures will show you what kind of Christianity that the world embraced today. Let’s begin with the so-called “Mother and Child” deity.


Mother and Son Idolatry

1) Ankh Nes Meryre and Son Pepi. 2) Cyprus. 3)Madonna Guanyin, Goddess of mercy 4) Matrika from Tanesara of India 5) Yasoda and Krishna. 6) Mother and son 2000-1850 B.C. 7) Mexico, Jalisco 200 B.C.- 500 A.D. 8. Maya. 9) Mexico, Colima 200 B.C.- 500A.D. 10) Mykene, Greece 11) Sun Goddess, Arinna. 12) Virgin Mary (thi is not the real Virgin Mary)

The evolution of sun-worship

From the top left: Symbol of the pagan sun-god Shamash; the sun-god Apollo; Mithra, the sol invictus; From Bottom left: Symbol of pagan at the papal palace hall; Sun image in Baldocchino; The golden child in the Vatican treasury.


Pagan origin of mitre

From top left: the fish god Dagon; ancient goddess of fertility name Astarte; ancient Egyptian mitre; Stone relief on temple laver from Assyria, in the Pergamum Museum of Berlin.; bishop’s mitre.


The Tiara

Babylonian god wearing the triple crown; Assyrian winged-bull cherubim; Krishna with tiara.; Pope wears tiara.


The peacock procession

In ancient times the representatives of Horus would be carried. As you can see to the right, they had fans which were made out of pecock feathers (hay that looks like a news station logo) the fan is made to look like an eye. This eye is the all seeing eye of Horus/Osiris. To the left, the Papacy has the same ritual.


From Serpent gods to Vatican serpents

The Egyptian serpent god; Roman serpent; bishop’s serpent crosier; Mayan serpent god; Serpent door handle, new St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco, California; Dragon on a large papal crest.


Christianized Tridents

Assyrian trident, symbol of female and male organ; Neptune holds trident; Vatican Cross with Hindu tridents; The trident projecting from the head of Jesus on a Roman Catholic Madonna.

The pagan spirited door of the Church

The golden door in the chapel of St. Ignatius in San Francisco, uses several symbols identifying the wafer god. The Unicorn, Peacock, and Phoenix are all well known symbols in the occult for the sun, Lucifer, or Satan.


Sun god in monstance

Assyrian- style relief of King BarRaqqah from Syria, 8th century, B.C… This solar deity is  BAAL HADAD. As you can see the sun is entering the moon (womb). This is a symbol of  Horus(Nimrod) or Osiris being reborn. The wafer or sun is placed into the monstrance.


Catholic Mary and pagan Zeus

Mary and Zeus hold the lightning bolt.


The Origin of the mysterious hand-sign

The pagan origin of the papal hand-sign.


The Halo

Halo of Neptune


Pagan priests used an upright stone, pillar, obelisk, or slender tower to represent the male sex organ. Even today, a stylized union of male and female genitals is found in many cultures.

Egyptian obelisk; Mayan obelisk; Vatican obelisk


from pagan Cone to papal cone

Once again the Mexican god holds the pine cone and the fur tree, symbols of reburth and the sun; Hindu god holds cone; the pine cone staff, symbol of Osiris; Assyrian winged god with pine cone; Bacchus, Roman-Greek god of drunkeness and revelry, with pine cone staff; Papal cone; The largest pine cone in the world, in the Court of the Pine Cone, at the Vatican, Rome.


The pagan origin of piazza

Symbol of the pagan sun-god Shamash; a pagan sun wheel in the temple at Kararak India, which is associated with occultism and astrology; plaza at the Vatican, also known as St. Peter’s square.

The root of "Christian" fish symbol.

The fish-god, Dagon; This is a symbol of Dagon and the symbol of the bull which represents the sun (Isis/Horus); the Hindu fish; the aerial view of Vatican; the symbol of Catholic fish.


The Pallium

Notice what the pagan deity and the pope wear.


the symbol of power

Athena holding her crook; the Egyptian divine-king holding his crook; Osiris holding his crook; Catholic bishop holding his crook; a Catholic serpent-crook.


“With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.”

Revelations 17:2




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