Christ and His Arrogant “Servant”

"The Master and His professed Servant"

Is there anyone who could read the message of these drawings? Is there any contrast between the meekness and humility of Christ the Master and that of the pope, His professed servant?

My point is this… the arrogance of the papacy is well-revealed here. He professed to represent Christ, even calling himself  “God’s vicar”. But I can’t see any similarity between Christ and this arrogant servant.

He (the Pope) acts not a vicar, but a counterfeit. A counterfeit of Christ’s every characteristics. It is truly an ignorance to say that the Pope is the representative of Christ, ignorance to the clear picture of their contrasts.


One comment on “Christ and His Arrogant “Servant”

  1. The Master rides upon an ass, while the priest rides upon a luxurious throne? Yeah, Catholics are blind if they failed to comprehend the meaning of this pictures.

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